Together, we’re building a great City, but the Toronto Land Transfer Tax is stopping us from reaching our full potential.

Who Are We?


We are the Toronto Real Estate Board and the Ontario Real Estate Association, representing over 52,000 REALTORS® across the GTA and Ontario. More importantly, REALTORS® are:


Parents that want to see our children achieve the dream of home ownership.

Neighbours that want our community’s services to be reliable.

Friends that want to see everyone treated fairly.

Business owners that want to create jobs.

Taxpayers that want City Hall to be accountable.


In short, we are people just like you.



Why Do We Care About This?


One simple, but important, reason: we want our City to reach its full potential.


Together, we can all build a great City, but we need to get this right, Toronto.


The Toronto Land Transfer Tax is not the right way to build a great city.


It creates inequality among our residents; it perpetuates irresponsible City budgeting; it threatens jobs; it makes our City less affordable; it makes City Hall less accountable; it hurts our environment; and it makes our roads even busier.


We know that Toronto’s greatest strength is the people who choose to make this City their home.  We are taking action for them.


We are taking action for you.


"...what may be driving some homebuyers to car-dependent neighbourhoods is cost..."

2012 RBC-Pembina Home Location Study
Royal Bank of Canada and The Pembina Institute

"Two thirds of City of Toronto residents (66%) support a plan to repeal the land transfer tax."

Mike Colledge — President, Canadian Public Affairs, Ipsos Reid, June 1, 2012

...taxes on the transfer of property are in a sense the ultimate antimarket and antidevelopment tax.

Dr. Enid Slack, Richard M. Bird, U. of Toronto & A. Tassonyi, Ryerson U. — in "A Tale of Two Taxes", 2012